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Parish School of Religion (PSR)

Welcome to our Parish School of Religion!

Parish School of Religion – PSR provides Religious Education for youth, grades 1-8, who are in public schools. (Parents of children over the age of 7 who have not been baptized and/or not had formal religious instruction should contact our RCIA Office).  (Please note: The diocese requires two full years of catechesis prior to a child's reception of sacraments.  Please do not wait until your child is in second grade to consider religious education). PSR meets on the second and fourth Mondays as well as fifth Mondays when they occur, late August through May, 6-8 p.m. We have a professional teacher, proficient in modern teaching methods and disciplinary procedures, in each classroom. Our Parents help organize the children to host the annual parish Advent Fair on the first Sunday of Advent.  They also help coordinate a group service project each Lenten season.  PSR offers support for parents in their role as the primary catechists of their children.  For more information or to inquire about becoming a catechist or aide, contact: Rosanne Thomas (331-4302, ext. 122 or rthomas@bscky.org).

Click HERE for our 2023-2o24 PSR calendar.

Click HERE for our 2023-2024 PSR handbook.

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Homeschool Policy: Note: This information is for full-time or part-time homeschool families AND for PSR families who need to make up work that was covered in a class when a child was absent for any reason.

Syllabi for PSR 2023-24:  (These syllabi are posted to assist parents in helping their children make up missed work or in homeschooling.)


Mastery skills lists: By the end of each grade, children are expected to have mastered what is on each grade list.

  1. Grade 1 skills
  2. Grade 2 skills
  3. Grade 3 skills
  4. Grade 4 skills
  5. Grade 5 skills
  6. Grade 6 skills
  7. Grade 7 skills
  8. Grade 8 skills

PSR is a team effort, and we welcome new team members:

  • PSR Catechist – Professional teachers (current, retired, or student teachers) who are VIRTUS-compliant are needed to teach or team teach regularly or to be on a sub list. Training and materials are provided, and a standard tutor stipend is offered.
  • PSR Teacher Aide – Assist in a classroom once, twice, or all year if you like. VIRTUS-compliant adults as well as high school students, and middle school Catholic School students are always needed to help with PSR.
  • PSR Parent Involvement Needs - Parental involvement is essential to the success of PSR.   Parents or Grandparents can sign up to assist the program in several ways.  All who assist must be compliant with the diocesan VIRTUS child protection directives.