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Interest in Youth Ministry

With the start of the New Year it is a time of renewal. Part of that newfound excitement can be a chance to rekindle our relationship with Christ, especially among our middle-school age children, who are the future of our parish and the Church. Having been with this parish for a couple years, I am interested, with the help of other young, zealous Catholics, in reinstating a youth group for the middle schoolers of our parish. We would love to gauge the interest within the parish. If you are a parent of a middle schooler and are interested in discussing this, please contact the parish office or send me an email at [email protected] I realize how busy kids are, especially in middle-school. The goal of the youth group is not to be overbearing, but to build a community of faith and together live the faith authentically in an engaging way. I am really excited to help get this going before I head back to Pennsylvania, but it requires the help of you in the parish. May God bless you this Christmas season, and may this be a great start to 2021!

Michael Elmlinger